Personalized Design & CR Neoprene 5mm

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You have a great design coming up and you know just what to do. You may want to make your own wetsuit, your neoprene bag, a matching waterproof cover for your equipment.. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G at all and you want the flexibility to cut and measure on your own. We've got you!


A pure CR Neoprene known as Polychloroprene or Chloroprene rubber can be ordered here. This comes with a freshly printed design of your choice on a Super Flex fabric glued on top of the Neoprene as well as a layer of black Nylon at the bottom side of the Neoprene. Total layers that you will receive in 1 roll = 3 layers

The size of this neoprene is fixed & uncut/untrimmed

130cm x 330cm (51 inch x 130 inch) [+/- 1%]

This material is suitable underwater (which means does similar quality to all SCREAM wetsuits meant for scuba diving, submersion and swimming. If you want cheaper material meant for snorkeling or swimming (surface use only), please contact us!

How many wetsuits can you make out of this?

It REALLY DEPENDS! For our regular M or L, you can make 2 pieces of wetsuits. 1 suit and 1 top is also possible. It really depends on how you cut and save on the material. you can even use the leftovers as mask straps, bag or camera protector!

The cost of delivery for the entire roll is inclusive within Europe & USA

For countries out of Europe & USA, please write to us! We can advise you accordingly

How does it work?

Once you have placed your order, we will communicate on your design choices - you will need to submit to us files in Illustration or PDF - preferably non-pixelated to ensure good printing quality.

Cycle of sales & delivery

Placement of order - full payment - design submission - printing - packing - reconfirmation - delivery.

4 weeks to process order, 2 weeks delivery (maximum cycle completion : 6 weeks in total provided no immigration or custom issue from your resident country)

What is not included?

Logo, name, cutting, trimming

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