New Year New Deal - CLEARANCE SALE starts NOW!

New Year New Deal - CLEARANCE SALE starts NOW!

Let's Celebrate the New Year with our crazy promotion..

It is finally 2021 - New Year's Warehouse Stock Clearance is finally happening!

Why?! You may ask...

With crazy discounts starting from 50% up to 70% OFF everything from SCREAM.
We are going to make a revamp and make new space for the future. We are still in the midst of COVID-19 so Shop Couture have decided that we will skip all exhibitions and go on sale in our Online Store instead.

Makes a lot of sense, to the lot.. 
This is our most optimistic way to celebrating the new year full of JOY! If you've never tried a SCREAM wetsuit OR the Booties before, it is finally the time to own one - and feel the difference.

Remember, new & exciting possibilities. Gear up with our exciting & outrageous dive suits & accessories.

Hurry! * while stocks last.

Terms & Conditions are as straightforward as possible here:-

1. No return or exchange for stock clearance product (it is the fairest deal, please refer to the sizing chart for reference or write to us and we will guide you)

2. Discount/Final Price will be shown at check out  

3. The delivery fees will not be increased. Everything maintained the same (even during CORONA!) 

  • Here's an example: the courier fee to USA has increased to an additional 10Euro but we are not marking that up. Honest!

4. For perks, MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE gets FREE DELIVERY until 31st of January 2021

5. Products that are sold out, will not be reproduced.

6. If you have paid for a sold out product, we will refund you 100%

7. Delivery time remains the same during the pandemic, minimum 2 weeks up to 4 weeks (not depending on us but on the Courier company)