CR-4 Dive Computer Classic Black

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  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

  • 300+ charge cycle

  • Fast charging (up to 85% in 1hr)

  • Residual Nitrogen Time resettable

  • Dive settings and logs resettable

Operating Depth Limit  100meters/330feet
Multiple Modes Scuba/Gauge/APNEA Mode
Air & Nitrox
Oxygen 21% to 56%
Algorithm Bühlmann ZH-L16C
Safety Factor Conservative/Normal/Aggressive
Battery Type Rechargeable Battery (Over 300+ charge cycle with a portable clip-on USB charger)
Battery Life Dive mode (25 dives with backlight on)
Dive Log Storage 200+
Screen Resolution 110x110pixel
Display Size 2.9cm/1.14"
Weight 95gram (±5gram)
Bezel & Button 316 Stainless Steel
Lens Type K1 Tempered Glass
Wrist Straps 22mm Anti-allergic silicone
Temperature Display 0°C - 40°C/32°F - 104°F
Operating Temperature -5°C - 40°C/23°F - 104°F

Other Information
Product is available in 3 colors (Black / Silver / White)
Product package contains 1 unit of CR-4 Dive Computer, 1 unit operation manual, 1 USB charging cable with magnetic clip
Extra accessories available for purchase*
- Casual Wear Wrist Straps (Black strap with detailed fine red lining)
- Back up USB charger

12 months manufacturer's warranty applicable
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