Watakala - Corals - Embroidered (4 Colors)

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This beautiful embroidered coral mask strap was designed by Malaysian designer, Milkberry. It comes in Red, Blue, and Yellow variants on black and white backgrounds.
WATAKALA Collection is in full collaboration with Reef Check Malaysia (5% of the price goes to them!). If there are any other creatures you'd like to see, send in your comments by getting in touch with us here!


  1. Red on (Black Neoprene)
  2. Yellow on (Black Neoprene)
  3. Blue on (Black Neoprene)
  4. Blue on (White Neoprene)


  • Base - Black Neoprene
  • Embroidered- On Neoprene
  • Suitable for all dive & snorkeling face mask
  • 20cm x 10cm ± *generic sizing  
  • Weight 50gram including packaging
  • Standard Packaging


  • Hand wash with mild soap.
  • DON'T use washing machine.
  • DON'T wash in temperature above 32 degree Celsius


This product carries no warranty nor return policy. Every item is carefully inspected, packed prior to shipping as they are made in extremely small quantity (the Founder packs them...to be honest, so we place our trust 99.9%). Exchange only applies to exchange of design - which is only possible before shipping procedure begins (maximum time allowance: below 24 hours only).

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