Sizing Guide for SCREAM Wetsuits


DO Take your measurement as "close as possible" to the chart given above BUT 

1. Please allow 2-4 inches difference in height

 2. It is okay if you weigh more or less than above bracket (our bone/fat density is a pain & everybody is different)

 3. If your height is lower than the stated bracket BUT matches a good combination of Chest-Waist-Hip ratio, we suggest alteration to shorten the suit at your own risk beyond our given stitch point.

 4. If nothing fits based on given chart or if you are still unsure, please drop us an email or go to our Facebook with your measurements. We will do our best to help you find your perfect fit. Otherwise, we will keep a record and see what we can do for you! (We want the best for you!)

What's a Trimming Stitch Point?
We have left the end of both wrist & ankle seam exposed (it is INTENTIONAL & completely safe!) while leaving two strong stitch point for our user to trim them to shorter length  up to 2 centimeter (2cm to 2.5cm), if necessary.
*Look at the photo above (wrist)
Although we recommend to just keep them unless it is way too long for you; use a pair of sharp scissors and cut below the stitch point so it will not cause the seam to break or open up after shortening. But do this at your own risk! Once a product is used and trimmed, any exchange or refund is not possible... Refer delivery & returns terms and condition here.